Wake up early and get out

After a full week of 9-5 routine, Saturday comes and the last thing you want is to wake up early.

But today I did it and I got out at 8 AM to join a conference.

I arrived there on time, actually even earlier than the starting time. And that’s when the magic happened: I started to have a new feeling of awareness about myself.

I felt productive for waking up early on a Saturday. I felt excited for doing new things that would teach me some new skills (I think that’s a wonderful use of my time). I felt I was taking care of myself by arriving on time, because that gave me the time to get a nice coffee, to collect myself 10 minutes before the conference began, and in general I was giving myself some no-rush experience, a rare joy in London.

My mood often fluctuates. People around me know that very well. Waking up early during work days doesn’t really improve my mood much. But waking up early on a weekend had a tremendous effect on it.

I realised that it’s a very good life philosophy: “wake up early and get out” means make the best use of your free time and make your life more rewarding. 

That was my realisation today and it really made my day.

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